The Communications Factor in Managing Project Expectations

Setting and managing Project expectations requires more than documenting a concise definition of what will be delivered, when it will be delivered, and how much it will cost.

One important factor is the establishment of a comprehensive and bilateral Project Communication Plan that takes into consideration the participation of all project stakeholders.

Effective communication allows discovery and management of unrealistic expectations or misconceptions. It also provides an effective conduit for consistent reaffirmation of the established project goals and timelines.

The plan may include less frequent, but highly valuable, Project Team and Stakeholder Forums – where incremental successes throughout the project lifecycle, as well as new project opportunities, can be highlighted and discussed along with other appropriate information.

A well thought out and open communication plan can make the difference between a project that is judged as a failure, and one that is widely acknowledged as a genuine success.

“Special thanks to Neil Lindsey for his valuable input”

Robert Hughet, PMP
Senior Project Manager
ImageSource, Inc.