Are you a Slave to the Project Management Process?

A Free Range Project Manager™ has the power to use his or her judgment to circumvent the project management process when it makes sense to do so. Check out the LinkedIn group titled Free Range Project Managers ™ with SebaSolutiuons and Dr. James T. Brown. Looking forward to some exciting discussions here with this group. Be sure to join and share your thoughts.

Al Senzamici, PMP
Program Manager
ImageSource, Inc.

Blogs as Serious Tools for Serious Project Managers?

Blogs are more than a medium for marketing, news, and education. From personal experience I can tell you that they also serve as serious tools for serious project managers. As a professional project manager I’ve worked with companies from Seattle to Sydney. A key factor in making sure that a project goes well is communications. Blogs are excellent mediums for communicating information in a concise manner that gives all team members the ability to participate in the conversation.

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Interesting Article on Working in Today’s Lean Environment

This is an article I read on the PMI website. Found it to be very informative, timely and accurate in today’s business climate..

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Nexus ’10 – Hot Topic Suggestions to “Ignite Your Information”

Well, Nexus ’09 is over and it was another great event. It was such a great event people began  registering for Nexus ’10 before we even started tearing down the booths and equipment.

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PMI Membership Benefits – eReads & Reference

I recently was poking around on the PMI website to see what benefits my PMI membership provided and what was actually on the site that may be of use to me. I found the PMI eReads & Reference link. It is on the main page after you login in the lower left hand side of the page. I must say I was totally surprised by what I found there.

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