What becoming PMP certified means to me

There is a point in many Project Manager’s careers where they are considered certified “Project Manager Professional” (PMP®) according to the world’s leading professional associations for project management; Project Management Institute (PMI®). This certification takes time, dedication, experience and mentored guidance to see it through and should not be taken lightly. The title of PMP® after my name is something I have been striving toward for years. With the guidance that the ImageSource family has provided along with the experience through ILINX implementations, I am now merely a few weeks away from achieving my goals rather than years. I have heard that the upcoming test is going to be difficult, tricky and challenging, but I know that with the support of my mentors at ImageSource and the knowledge I have gained through ECM technologies, I will pass with flying colors.

If you are a Project Manager looking to become PMP certified, you can find more information about testing, registering and more here!

Jen Hilt
Project Manager
ImageSource, Inc.

Does Agile Foster Innovation?

The Project Management Institute held a conference today called “Project Management Success: A View from the Future”. The keynote speaker, Jim Highsmith, an Agile thought leader and executive consultant at ThoughtWorks, Inc. posted a slide asking the question “Does Agile Foster Innovation?”

The slide referenced these items about the company Salesforce.

  • Ranked #1 innovator by Forbes magazine 2011, 2012, 2013
  • 5 year average sales growth – 39.5% (2012)
  • 5 year average net income growth – 78.7 (2012)
  • 140 Agile teams in 2011
  • Per Steve Green , VP technology program management
    • Agile 7+ years
    • All in approach (25 teams to start)
    • Other departments (R&D, Operations, Marketing)
    • Over 100,000 automated acceptance tests
    • Steve Green – ” Agile is the foundation of our innovation”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you use Agile methodologies in your company to manage projects? Is your company more or less innovative using Agile methodologies?

Al Senzamici, PMP
Program Manager
ImageSource, Inc.

Blogs as Serious Tools for Serious Project Managers?

Blogs are more than a medium for marketing, news, and education. From personal experience I can tell you that they also serve as serious tools for serious project managers. As a professional project manager I’ve worked with companies from Seattle to Sydney. A key factor in making sure that a project goes well is communications. Blogs are excellent mediums for communicating information in a concise manner that gives all team members the ability to participate in the conversation.

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Sad Day in the World of Project Management

It is a sad day in the world of project management. Rita Mulcahy passed away after a long battle with breast cancer. To those of us who studied for the PMP exam using her exam prep tools and books she will be missed. Her contributions to Project Management, and the PM community are and will continue to be  immense.

Al Senzamici, PMP
Program Manager
ImageSource, Inc.


Interesting Article on Working in Today’s Lean Environment

This is an article I read on the PMI website. Found it to be very informative, timely and accurate in today’s business climate..

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Do Certifications Make a Difference?

More Organizations are requiring PMP Certification for their employees.

Read the latest news on why the PMP® is a leading certification companies are requiring their project managers to have.

Take a look at this Wall Street Journal journal article if you don’t think they make a difference.

Al Senzamici, PMP
Program Manager
ImageSource, Inc.

My Next Reading Assignment!

I am working with a management consulting firm who is planning to present at our local PMI Chapter meeting. In doing so I came across a book that she was reading and she had posted a synopsis of a key area of the book. The synopsis then led me to the website of the two authors of the book where I found a video of one of the authors speaking on the subject of Leadership and The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership.  It was a great interview of him speaking about the five practices listed below.

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