eCourts Blog Series: Web Calendar Integrations with ILINX Builds Court Solutions

Web Calendars are commonly used in courts around the county. Usually an extension of the Case Management System, the electronic calendar allows judges, commissioners and clerks to electronically view what cases are heard in various departments each day.

Directly integrating a Document Management System, like ILINX, with the Case Management System, and by extension the Web Calendar, provides benefits achieved in the courtroom. Working in the familiar Case Management System, integration allows judges and commissioners to sort the calendar according to their needs/criteria to quickly retrieve critical and relevant data. Clips designated in ILINX allow targeted content to come to the top, while the standard search provides a sort from newest to oldest.

The combination of the Web Calendar and the ILINX Document Management System provides a comprehensive view of party and case records. Associated cases, linked through the party ID, show in the result set and give the judge or commissioner a comprehensive view of the case.

The Web Calendar can also designate when a case has been heard. As cases are completed in the courtroom, the Web Calendar is updated to reflect heard cases. This enables anyone in the court to know the status of a particular courtroom or department.

Having images available directly through the Web Calendar enables multiple people to view the document at the same time. In a paper world, a document has to be passed back and forth among parties in the courtroom. With the electronic courtroom, multiple people are able to access the same document through ILINX.

ImageSource has some great court success cases. To learn more about Web Calendar integration, see the case study for Superior Court of California, Stanislaus County.

Debbie Horton, ECMP, CAPTUREP
Project Manager
ImageSource, Inc.

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