Risk Management

The company you’re working for or consulting for will most likely be sued at some time given today’s litigious environment.  As ECM project manager are you knowledgeable and do you have the proper documentation (records of ediscovery, document retention, disposition, etc.) that is required to mitigate the risks in a lawsuit?

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Ramp up your Records Management Program with GARP

A while back I had a discussion with an Eastside ARMA member about the challenges of making recommendations for ERM systems and that I was looking for a standard to help drive the importance of good recordkeeping and governance.  She suggested I look at the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principals (GARP) standards to use as part of the analysis.

The 8 GARP Principles

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Ready, Set , GO! with ERM

If you are in the process of reviewing your companies Enterprise Records Management (ERM) strategies and are not sure how to get started, here are some helpful hints to get you going.

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Putting Together an ECM Project Team

Part 3 – The Project Team

In previous blogs on this same subject, we have discussed the role of Executive Management in the overall Project Team effort.  And what elements from the  internal organization would likely comprise an effective team.   In summary, vibrant and effective executive leadership is likely to be critical in solidifying the vision for the project.  The target of effort to achieve project acceptance and enthusiasm is cascading in that the focus of executive leadership is middle management.  The components of a project team may be different for each organization or type of organization – whatever best suites the particular organizational structure, and what special considerations there might be in the project (i.e. does it involve web content, collaboration, integration with ERP or SharePoint environments, etc.).

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Change Management and User Adoption

Here is a follow up on my post of June 29, 2009.  This follow up focuses on the section referenced by  “Change Management (People)”  where ECM projects sometimes include significant business process changes that require the user community to change the way they work.  In this case, the success of the project will be dependent upon user acceptance of the new system and their adoption of new processes, challenges to the way they work, and their feeling for their  job security.

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