ECM Best Practices – Green Support

Remote and Mobile Employees

Many of today’s business discussions revolve around the fact that providing select employees with the ability to work from home, in a mobile environment, or otherwise more independently, is a positive factor towards fostering conservation and a “GREEN” initiative.

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What Type of Search is Right for You?

For many functions in the organization the full text “Google” like search capability found in most document management systems may be useful.  For others, it’s not sufficient in providing the business value.  Here’s some situations that may help determine what is right for you.

There are three core functions to any process… Procurement of Materials, Conversion of Materials, and Distribution of those Materials. All other functions only support these three.

In translation, these three things can map to any function found in business for any department (Sales, HR, Information Technology etc.)  It seems that when analyzing any business process, this old adage always comes back and discussing search in the enterprise is no exception.

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The Two Faces of Change Management

Enterprise Content Management implementation projects frequently require the formation of plans for, and execution ofChange Management” as a major part of the project components.  But what is Change Management?  In ECM Projects, participants have been known to describe Change Management using two very different definitions:

[1]  “Change Management (People)”– ECM projects sometimes include significant business process changes that require the user community to change the way they work.  This is especially true of solutions that involve transactional processes.  Process change situations can challenge the success of the project if the users are not involved and informed.  If major business process are major or widespread, the support of executive and middle management is crucial and needs to be effectively communicated to those users involved with the changes.

[2]  “Change Management (ITSM)”– Most ECM Projects, no matter how well planned and documented, will usually have situations arise where plan details should change.  Changes to the plan can be requested by the implementation team, the project sponsor, or a key organizational department.  The Project Manager(s) responsible for the success of the project must have a formal process to receive Change Requests, process, and then respond to them in light of their impact on the design, cost, and schedule of the project.

Neil W. Lindsey
ImageSource, Inc.

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