The Value of Internal Project Meetings

One piece of advice I received from a Project Management course on Leadership taught by Dr. James T. Brown was to kick off every project with your internal project team. Review the dos and don’ts, expectations and rules, communication styles and formats, roles and responsibilities. This enables every project team member to understand the project direction, management style, and expectations. Continue reading

Project Planning Horizon – Do you have One?

Every organization should establish a target project planning horizon based on the kinds of projects, customers, deliverables and services they provide. It is essential to minimize time planning schedule details when there is a high degree of uncertainty.            – Dr. James T. Brown (On Project Managers)

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Project Estimating

As Project Managers we are involved in providing project estimates almost all the time. I have recently been working on a lot of project estimates. While reading some of my favorite authors articles I found this article, “What Causes Bad Estimates…And What You Can Do About It” by Dr. James T. Brown both relevant and timely.

Do you give in to the pressure to underestimate the project so the project is either sold or moves forward or do you stand your ground and communicate what it actually takes to make the project successful? I would love to hear what others think about the practice of providing estimates.

Al Senzamici, PMP
Program Manager
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Catch Dr. James Brown at Nexus

Dr. James Brown, PhD

Just a quick note for PM’s in the Pacific Northwest.  Dr. James Brown is conducting a class on conflict management at the Nexus conference in Seattle (Bellevue, WA) on Wednesday, November 2nd.  I’ve been doing project and program management all over the world for the better part of 15 years and this guy is worth checking out.  Yes he has a PhD, is a published author, and worked for NASA, but more importantly, he knows his subject matter as good or better than anyone in the business.

His teaching methodology and project management philosophy achieve the right balance between ‘the book’, best practices and common sense.  He also has a strong focus on human behavior and what that means in the context of project management. There are teachers and speakers, and then there are the people that you make sure to see every time they are in town.  Dr. Brown is one of the latter.  I encourage you to take the opportunity to go see him and take his class at the Nexus conference.

Gene Echkart
Program Manager
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Work-Life Balance

I read an article today written by Dr. James T. Brown, SEBA® Solutions. I subscribe to his newsletter. It really made me reflect on some things in my career.

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