“The Leadership Challenge” by Kouzes & Posner

Leadership is everyone’s business. Leadership is not a position or a title that one holds. Everyone is accountable for leadership in an organization. Real leaders can be found at all levels in any organization.

I just finished reading “The Leadership Challenge” by Kouzes & Posner over my Christmas holiday. This is probably the best book I have read on the principles of leadership and what is at the core of great leaders. This book is based on over 25 years of research and study on the topic. The great thing about the book is it tells the stories of great leadership from many aspects and levels of everyday leaders. It talks about how leaders can be developed and are not just “born” that way. It helps provide a recipe of what constitutes a great leader. The book takes you through “The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” and the “Ten Commitments to Leadership”. It is a great guide to leadership. Simply a great & must read for any leader! Which is everyone at some point in their life.

Al Senzamici, PMP
Program Manager
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Project Risk Management

One of the key factors for a successful project is to identify and mitigate risks before they happen. I found the following analogy regarding this subject to be both a unique and entertaining example of risk management gone wrong.

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My Next Reading Assignment!

I am working with a management consulting firm who is planning to present at our local PMI Chapter meeting. In doing so I came across a book that she was reading and she had posted a synopsis of a key area of the book. The synopsis then led me to the website of the two authors of the book where I found a video of one of the authors speaking on the subject of Leadership and The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership.  It was a great interview of him speaking about the five practices listed below.

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“Other-Centric” Communication

Everyone likes to feel like they are important; Family, Friends, Co-Workers, but especially our Customers!  How we communicate their importance, what is said and how it is finally interpreted, can be more difficult than it seems.

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