My Next Reading Assignment!

I am working with a management consulting firm who is planning to present at our local PMI Chapter meeting. In doing so I came across a book that she was reading and she had posted a synopsis of a key area of the book. The synopsis then led me to the website of the two authors of the book where I found a video of one of the authors speaking on the subject of Leadership and The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership.  It was a great interview of him speaking about the five practices listed below.

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“No one ever changed the oil in a rented car!”

I recently read a great article on leadership skills and found one statement in particular, to be both humorous and insightful:

Another incentive for successful delegation is to give the subordinate a sense of ownership of the task – a reason to be invested in its success. As the adage goes, “No one ever changed the oil in a rented car.” If you don’t own it, why would you care?”
— PBP Executive Reports

Stakeholders, who are involved, well informed and shown that their efforts, expertise, input and suggestions are truly valued and critical to the success of the project are no longer individual Stakeholders………they are owners in a collaborative partnership.

Instilling a sense of ownership pays big dividends in productivity and acceptance.

“If you don’t own it, why would you care?”

“Other-Centric” Communication

Everyone likes to feel like they are important; Family, Friends, Co-Workers, but especially our Customers!  How we communicate their importance, what is said and how it is finally interpreted, can be more difficult than it seems.

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Mister Rogers and Project Management

Once in a great while a speaker tells you something that sticks with you, and really helps you improve your game. Several years ago at a Project Management Institute dinner I heard Carl Pritchard tell a story that has helped me many times.

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