How to Increase ECM Team Efficiency

In the course of doing some work for one of our partners – we were asked to take a look at the existing workload for their ECM team.  This particular ECM team has done a great job maintaining and integrating ECM components from a variety of vendors.  As typical in such an environment – we found that everyone on the team had primary support duties for at least one component, and was involved in customer support issues or updating /enhancing one or more of the company’s ECM products on pretty much a daily basis.  Continue reading

Risk Management

The company you’re working for or consulting for will most likely be sued at some time given today’s litigious environment.  As ECM project manager are you knowledgeable and do you have the proper documentation (records of ediscovery, document retention, disposition, etc.) that is required to mitigate the risks in a lawsuit?

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Take a step back to educate!

As project managers – we’re used to dealing with and preparing for uncertainty and risks.  If you were managing a project to improve an existing product or develop a new product, you would most likely be dealing with a project sponsor who was an operations or product manager who could clearly articulate his/her goals and requirements.  In essence your project risk right out of the gate is lessened with explicit project goals and a well-defined set of requirements.

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Ready, Set , GO! with ERM

If you are in the process of reviewing your companies Enterprise Records Management (ERM) strategies and are not sure how to get started, here are some helpful hints to get you going.

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Project Risk Management

One of the key factors for a successful project is to identify and mitigate risks before they happen. I found the following analogy regarding this subject to be both a unique and entertaining example of risk management gone wrong.

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Putting Together An ECM Project Team

Part 2 – The Project Team

I discussed in Part 1 on this general topic that the strong support of the intended Project by executive management is a critical factor for success – they need to support the projects sponsor, and smooth the path of challenges that sometimes occur when change is contemplated.  Vibrant and effective executive leadership is likely to be critical in solidifying the vision for the project.  The target of effort to achieve project acceptance and enthusiasm is cascading in that the focus of executive leadership is middle management, and then it effort fans out to focus on users and supervisors.

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ECM and Internal Controls

It is time to revise your organization’s internal controls!

It has been almost 8 years since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act became law in the U.S.  Even though this act covered only public companies, a significant percentage of ECM projects were undertaken  by exempt companies to make them ‘SOX compliant’, specifically in regard to the  sections of the Act that specified the criminal penalties for manipulating, destroying or altering a company’s records.  Have you taken a look at internal controls since?

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