eCourts Blog Series: One-of-a-kind eFiling solution automates manual processes for California Courts

As an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution provider, we have been solving complex problems, integrating disparate systems and driving efficiencies for the last 20 years. One solution that we have developed for the Superior Courts in the State of California epitomizes these efforts by connecting multiple state agencies and creating automation efficiencies in what used to be a manual process prone to delays and exceptions.

The State of California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) works directly with the Superior Courts of CA on a regular basis. Filings are submitted from DCSS to the courts for processing and approval, and they typically consist of documents for requesting types of judgments or parental obligations specific to child support.

Last year DCSS mandated that the courts start moving towards an electronic interchange for transmitting the filings (documents and associated metadata) between the agencies. With our customer partners at the Superior Courts in California, we reviewed the current process and requirements, devised a plan, and implemented a solution to automate the receiving, processing and transmitting of the packages. The solution consisted of the following steps in the process:

  1. DCSS transmits an XML file to the courts
  2. An automated process extracts the embedded PDF documents and associated metadata from the XML file and injects it directly into the court’s electronic workflow system
  3. The users process the documents in their workflow queue
    1. The documents are approved or rejected by the user and the software capabilities are leveraged to ensure processing logic and rules are enforced
    2. Predefined reject reasons were created for accuracy and efficiency
  4. When complete the updated documents and metadata are repackaged into an XML file and transmitted back to DCSS
  5. The documents and metadata are also stored in the court’s ECM system and made available for immediate retrieval

CaptureThis new process sped up the transmitting and user processing of these documents exponentially, as well as reduced the number of errors and exceptions throughout the entire process. With our experience and the right ECM products, our customers were able to get the most out of their investments and see a successful solution come to fruition in a quick manner.

If anyone has questions on this particular solution or our experience with other successful solutions/integrations, please let us know.

Ryan Keller
VP of Professional Services
ImageSource, Inc.

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